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Donations Needed for Murphy Bear

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Dont Miss! Donations Needed for Murphy Bear

Post by Teddy Bear on Thu Aug 22, 2013 10:05 am

Please read attached link and give whatever you can. No donation is too small.

Murphy Bear (real name) was rescued from a kill shelter in North Carolina and believed to be a Weimaraner Mix. He was sent to the Weimaraner rescue in New York. Sandi Washburn-Cherko, who grew up the same town as me, was jumping with her Weimaraner's at the NW Ohio Rib Fest and after the event contacted me about Murphy Bear that they now believed to some type of Labrador mix and since I have a Silver Labrador did I know anyone that would be interested in fostering. Laura and I looked at the photos and immediately knew that Murphy Bear is a Silver Labrador, so we decided we would foster Murphy Bear. Our plan was to introduce Murphy Bear to dock jumping at the Bark-A-Bout event later this year as Murphy Bear needed to be neutered and wouldn't be able to get wet when the Ultimate Air Games takes place. We now have found out that Murphy Bear has a very bad case of Heart worm and will need to go through a very tough treatment and need to be caged almost all the time (to keep calm and not elevate heart rate) while he undergoes this treatment that will consist of three shots over roughly a one month period.

The Weimaraner Rescue of the North is trying to raise money to offset the cost of the treatment and other expenses they have incurred. They are a non-profit organization and could use our help.

Once Murphy Bear is ready we will begin his obedience and dock jumping training and hopefully have him ready to go for the 2014 seasons so all can see this wonderful guy.


Thank you for reading this and giving whatever you can

Teddy Bear, Jon and Laura

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