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Dont Miss! Ultimate Air Dogs West Coast!!

Post by Milt on Sat Nov 24, 2012 11:31 am

We are looking for someone interested in starting up Ultimate Air Dogs West Coast! We will teach you how to run your own dock jumping business associated with Ultimate Air Dogs. You will need to buy dock and trailer and have truck to pull equipment with. This is a chance to have your own business and choose your own work days and travel to great events. If you are interested or know anyone that might like to do this get in touch with milt@ultimateairdogs.com . We are ranked as the #1 dog dock jumping business in the Country to do business with. I will be in California the week of Dec. 3-7 if you want to talk or meet in person! My cell is 904-860-0039

My Name : Milt
Gender : Male
My Pet(s) : Sparky(RIP), Maximus, Nash, Flash & Allie
Location : Jacksonville, FL
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