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Club Needs UAD Judge

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Dont Miss! Club Needs UAD Judge

Post by char on Wed Apr 25, 2012 5:57 pm

We were recently informed that Ultimate Air Dogs cannot provide a judge for our club’s UAD events. They suggest that one of our members become a UAD certified judge. We would love to continue hosting these events, and hope that one of our members would be willing to take on this job. The willing person would have to train with a current judge, and there are only 2 events preceding our scheduled UAD event in May where this training may be possible. These would be Mutt Strut in Dearborn on May 12th, or May 5th in Kalamazoo. This job requires a person with a good eye for determining the dogs distance, as well as feeling comfortable entertaining the crowd on the microphone. They would also have to commit to the scheduled event dates.
If you’d be interested in becoming Bark A Bout Air Dogs certified UAD judge please contact Michelle at (586) 566-8900 or email us at airdogs@barkabout.net

In the event that this position can’t be filled, we may have to cancel future UAD events.

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