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Looking for GHP breeder that competes in UAD

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Dont Miss! Looking for GHP breeder that competes in UAD

Post by runbe on Wed Jan 11, 2012 6:57 pm

I first saw the Ultimate Air Dogs at Woofstock in Kazoo, and I was hooked.
I tried at Marne to introduce my black Lab mix (who loves to retrieve!) to the sport, but found after 2 jumps, that he refused to try again (he's afraid of water over his head). Everyone there tried to help to get him to jump again, to no avail.
I am also the 'Mom' of a registered GSP, who is now 3. She has numerous Field Trial Champions in her pedigree, but no conformation champions. She is a sound, high energy, 'birdy' dog, who does Occasionally retrieve, but she's not sufficiently into it to attempt UAD.
I would like to breed her to a dock diving champion, and it would be nice if he was a conformation Ch. as well.
Could you give me the name of a Michigan breeder of GSPs who is involved in UAD? I know I saw several Shorthairs competing at Woofstock.
Thanks, Becky


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Dont Miss! Re: Looking for GHP breeder that competes in UAD

Post by Phoenix on Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:14 pm

My husband Jeff and I are into GSP's as well. We had our girl Phoenix at Berlin, her pup that we kept form our litter was there with us too practicing as she as just 5 months old then. I know of a couple other people who have GSP's that dock jump as well. Feel free to email me and we can talk further if you would like. I do have a male GSP as well but of course we would have to take a lot of different things into consideration on if he would be what you are looking for and vice versa if you decided to breed. Breeding is a LONG and involved process and I would be happy to talk with you further regarding it. My email is flyinghighk9s@gmail.com

Have a great day!

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