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Post by swalius on Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:11 pm

Milt ThankYou for a great weekend. I cant wait to get the opertunity for you to see if you can get Winston to pop. I have tried everything. I even tried putting a big float toy in front of where he jumps off my deck so he has to jump up and over. He does it beatifully till till he figured out he could purpel himself off of it. too funny. Also what does regestering ukc do. what is the difference. Im doing everything to find someone to sponsor these guys. Even calling pool supply places. So we'll see. want really bad to get these guys out to the burn off. Hope very much to see you then. Again thanks for a great time, my neighbor Val is now hooked now too, really really bad.

My Name : Susan Swalius
Gender : Female
My Pet(s) : Team NEW LIFE WEIM'S Sir Winston and Little Randy
Location : Garfield Heights Oh
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