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Post by Ann DHondt on Sun May 15, 2011 4:54 pm

I want to say thank you to the Butler's for being there at Mutt Strutt. Saturday the weather was 'ok'. Could have been a lot worse. Overcast, humid, threatening rain.. but not too bad. I felt bad for the event, the turn out was definitely down all over. We still managed to have some really nice jumps.

Sunday... well the weather was pretty nasty, but we dock jumpers stuck it out. We did our two splashes, decided to skip catch it (unanimously) and head straight to finals. They kept the show moving which was very grateful for today's weather. I didn't catch ALL the winners but Petie won Master finals, and our lab Quinn was second. Ultimate was Gage I am pretty sure. My new pup Gabby first time jumping, was third in junior finals. She got really cold but was not going to stop playing. Getting her OUT of the pool is a challenge some times.

Anyway... I wanted to thank the Butler's for their hard work.

Ann DHondt

My Name : Ann
Gender : Female
My Pet(s) : Belle, Teddi, Quinn, Gabby and always in my heart Maxine
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