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The CMA Music Festivaal Nashville Event Location

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Dont Miss! The CMA Music Festivaal Nashville Event Location

Post by bbroman on Thu May 12, 2011 4:44 pm

Took a peek on Google Earth - It's going to be hot in that parking lot (2nd & Church St - the POWER ZONE). Hope you can setup the dock & pool close to the 1st Ave side. There is a grassy, park-like area accross the street (by the river) - good "poop" place. Wish 1st Ave would be blocked off - good "dog town" area (shade!) and would be easier crossing the street. We'll need a canopy/EZ-up for shade - hope there's going to be space for that. Looks like there's a parking building accross from the 2nd Ave enterance - it that going to be where we should park? Lots of people, big event - gonna be fun! Sorry, tried to post this under the event - my mistake - feel free to move it there Milt.

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