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7 mo. Old Chocolate Lab - Raine

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Must Reads! 7 mo. Old Chocolate Lab - Raine

Post by remington15 on Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:38 pm

Hello everyone!!

I have a really great friend that is trying to help a family with a beautiful 7 month old Chocolate Lab to find a really good home. We unfortuneatly can not as we just lost our 15 1/2 year old Black Lab (Jake). It's just too soon for us but I just can't see not helping our friend out. Below are the details of Raine. Please send me a private message to get the 2 photos I have of him (I can't figure out how to post picture with this message).

Thank you in advance for taking a look.
Victor, Susanne and Remington

* He currently lives in St. Clair Shores.
* He is 55-lbs @ 7 months, neutered, healthy, and current on all shots. He has gone through “puppy classes”, where he did very well, but would benefit from obedience classes. He knows basic commands (sit, stay, down). Until his family structure changed recently, he was completely housebroken.
* Raine’s family structure just changed. He currently lives in St. Clair Shores with his owner Sally and her family. Sally’s daughter used to be home for a good portion of the day, and she had a Jack Russell that Raine loved to play with. This young lady recently got her own apartment and took her Jack Russell with her. Raine is now alone all day for 10-11 hours and isn’t handling it well. He has regressed on his training a bit and is not listening as well as he used to. Owner Sally feels that he deserves to be part of a family that has more time for him, and where he’s not left completely alone for 10+ hours/day.
* He’s a happy boy, gets very excited, is very active, and loves to play.
* He currently has a fenced in yard for containment. He is crate trained, but isn’t confined to a crate for his long days alone. He is kept in a foyer area via a puppy gate, which he respects and, therefore, does not jump over or knock down.
* His current family includes teenagers, but he would be great with younger children as well.
* He sleeps with his family members rather than in his crate.


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