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Cold Days-Warm Hearts at Bark a Bout

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Dont Miss! Cold Days-Warm Hearts at Bark a Bout

Post by Rodie on Tue Oct 05, 2010 1:12 am

Thanks to everyone who supported our raffle to support our club and rescues. We anticipated a big crowd and had donations from local businesses as well as individuals. We appreciate the support from everyone who purchased tickets. The rescue groups and Leader Dogs were appreciative. Thanks also to our members who helped at the table.
What about the efficiency running the event. MaraLee had Lucy drive to the hotel so she could post the bubble. Brian asked everyone if they wanted to move everything up a little because of the weather and they agreed and the event was over before they could finish shaking their heads.
Michelle and the Bark- A -Bout Staff do an excellent job at making sure everyone had everything they needed.
Thank you again for the animals we may have helped. Don' forget our Trick for Treats.

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