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Gaylord Event

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Dont Miss! Gaylord Event

Post by Intellabs on Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:57 am

Who has signed up and going to this first time event in Gaylord? This is where I was raised and so this one will be extra exciting for me. I would like to thank Milt & Brian for making this event in Gaylord a reality!! I think it should be a real good addition to the county fair, I bet the crowds to watch will be huge!!

If anyone has any questions about where to stay or places to eat or anything let me know. I will get the info for you. I and my family always eat at BJ's, here is thier website: www.bjscatering.com . They have great food, beer and wine at good prices and a nice buffet, I believe fridays is all you can eat fish & shrimp buffet + salad bar. The best part is it within a mile of where the fairgrounds are, we look forward to seeing everyone there in august.

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Dont Miss! Re: Gaylord Event

Post by teamsmoke on Fri Jun 25, 2010 3:47 pm

smokey and I just signed up. I usually hunt in pigeon river forest area in the fall. we have some friends in the Indian River area. I agree about bj's. Sat. buffet has the alaskan king crab!!!!! I plan on staying in Indian River but I'm open to suggestions..


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