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Dont Miss! More on Canine Fun Days

Post by LoveMyLab! on Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:04 pm

This will really be a fun event and well worth the trip. In addition to the dock jumping being UKC sanctionied there is so much more for you to do with your dogs.

The event is put on By the Greyhound rescue of Ohio and they sell tickets to raise money. The tickets are $1 each and can be used for food or to enter your dog in events. For instance, we are hosting a few hours a day. "Let's try Dock Diving". People will buy tickets to get a chance on the dock for their dog to jump. We will help them and wrangle.

Some of the other events and prices are lure coursing is 5 tickets ($5). They also offer agility for 3 tickets ($3), and other games (maze, fear factor, doggy IQ, etc.) for 2 tickets ($2). There is a fun dog show that we host as well that includes the costume contest, best buns, prettiest eyes, baldest butt, kissing contest, dunking for dogs, egg & spoon, and tail wagging. Depending upon the contest you participate in it is 2 or 3 tickets.

All the money goes for a good cause and prices are very reasonable. They have 2 lure courses at the event a round and rectangular BOTH will be fenced in.

The event is about 20 minutes east of Downtown Cleveland and in the Metroparks polo fields. It is a beautiful area!!!


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