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Black Lab

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Dont Miss! Black Lab

Post by flyingbcs on Thu May 20, 2010 6:03 pm

I am posting this for someone I just recently met because I tested this dog for Detection work. She is a high school student with two part time jobs and realized that this dog is too special to remain chained/crated.


One year old (Born May 3, 2009)
Male (Intact)
English Black Lab (No registration Papers)
Gorgeous Plush Coat
Up to date on Shots
Houseborken/Crate trained

I tested this dog and he has great retrieval skills. Good with strangers and with other dogs. The owner offered he loved his kiddy pool when he was a pup, but has not been around water this year. I have a feeling he'd swim like a fish. I had this dog overnight and never heard a peep out of him in his crate. He lays with his rear legs stretched out behind him so I'm pretty sure hips would clear OFA. Not too studly yet (pees like a girl), but would highly recommend neutering soon.

I have pictures...please e-mail if you'd like to see this handsome fellow.

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