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West Michigan Pet Expo

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Dont Miss! West Michigan Pet Expo

Post by stephz on Mon Apr 26, 2010 9:17 pm

As always Brooks and I had a great time this weekend!!

Congrats to Maddie for winning Ultimate! Obviously she knew she had it in the bag when she went up for her second jump!!! Hee hee!!

Thank you to Brian and Lynn for doing such a great job!!!

On a personal note - thank you to everyone for all of the hugs and support. This was a very emotional and hard weekend for both Brooks and I as it was our first event without Scout. It definatly felt like something was missing (and to be honest I think it will always feel that way).....but I also know he was there watching over us (especially me!). I know my Pouter would be happy that we got back up on the dock and didn't let his passing keep us from doing something that all three of us loved so much and grew to love so much because of him.

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