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JRT/miniature collie mix in Lapeer needs a new home

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Dont Miss! JRT/miniature collie mix in Lapeer needs a new home

Post by Indy on Fri Nov 13, 2009 9:08 pm

Cross-posting for a friend, let me know if you would like a contact phone number and I'll PM it to you.

"My co-worker Connie contacted me about her
neighbors dog that needs placement. Her neighbor is elderly and due to
illness can no longer care for the dog. Can anyone help? She said he
is a JRT/miniature collie mix.

Connie said Jack was a very nice dog that gets
along with older adults, children and other dogs. She said he is about
one and a half years old, may not be up to date with shots, but she
would take care of that if it was the case. She said he will bark to
alert you about strangers, but does not bark much otherwise. He is
still active, but will lie down when told to. She said he loves to
cuddle on his owner’s lap endlessly and is very cuddly. She said he is
house broken perfectly and is beautifully marked with short hair. She
estimates he weighs about 15 to 20 pounds and is the size of a small
beagle, but with longer legs.

She and the owner will do whatever it takes to find him a warm
and friendly home."

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