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Dont Miss! Re: BIG GAME

Post by wrigley on Mon Sep 28, 2009 11:51 am

Thanks for the history lesson. I didn't know UM and its rich football tradition had such a good record against IU...Can you see my eyes rolling??? I am already looking forward to this game next year.

The chance to win the game was taken away from IU. That call always goes to the WR. It is like a tie going to the runner in baseball. Dual position is always rewarded to the offense. UM player took the ball while rolling on the ground after the play was over. Horrible call...horrible review to say the could not over turn it.

Now, IU lost this game by not picking up TDs. Sure the missed FG hurt too but they had to punch some in. Credit should go to UM defense. Some of the calls were "safe" calls in the redzone for IU. I was impressed by IUs team speed. Everyone raves about UM speed but IU kept up. They did a good job containing the run. What might have impressed me the most was how IU adjusted and did not fold after going down 14-7. That could have been the game but they stuck with a game plan and it almost worked.

UM defense has to improve for them to have a good year in the Big 10. Forcier is a good qb but he can really make some bad calls. He will learn to take the sack and play another down.

Oh and if you want to talk about the passing interference call...well the ref made the right call. The receiver was being held. He was watching the receiver and not where the ball went. Another official should have come in and ruled that it was out of play. The lack of a holding call was very interesting on UM first TD. Our safety was clearly being held and could not make the play. Same safety though got burnt on the winning TD pass.

OSU comes to "THE ROCK" this week. Now you all will be pulling for us, RIGHT Until next year!

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Dont Miss! Re: BIG GAME

Post by team sky on Mon Sep 28, 2009 6:23 pm

You are right about one thing Jacob, I root for any team playing Ohio State. As the old saying goes (from the Woody Hayes era) O how I hate O _ _ _ State.

We will all be waiting for the same big game next year.

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