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Thank you, Paws in the Park

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Must Reads! Thank you, Paws in the Park

Post by TEAM GOLDEN GIRLS on Sun Aug 23, 2009 1:52 pm

I don't know where to start. Just wanted to THANK Milt, Brian and Steph (madam secretary) and everyone involved in UAD.

This is totally my newest addition and I have a few of my agility friends that came and watched on Saturday at Canton, Paws in the Park and I think that both of them are going to check it out.

I am sooo proud of my 'golden girls' this weekend. Roxxy consistently jumped in the 9' range (I just throw the toy short on purpose, she has had both ACL done in the past) I just let her play because she loves the water. With her first splash completed she earned her Novice Jumping title with UKC (UNJ). Sunny Day!

BELLE was outstanding A Round of Applause!. I knew that she had a break through in practice 2 weeks ago and it held over for the event. Her jumps were 13.7', 13.9' then 13.6' and 13.9'. Her best coming into this event was 12.10' almost a whole foot better. With Belle's 2 splashes today she earned her UAD Junior title and her UKC Junior Jumping title (UJJ). These are Belle's first titles ever and I am so proud of her. rockin dog

I wish that I could go to IMLAY City, since both of my dogs are qualified but I have a local agility trial that I am on the committee for and must attend.

Looking forward to Bark About and Ohio Championships, both of them I get to do 2 days.

Again, I just wanted to say THANKS for my newest addiction.
Barb, Roxxy and Belle

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Must Reads! Re: Thank you, Paws in the Park

Post by jtallen on Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:44 pm

Congrats on the girls.
Always glad to welcome more Goldens to the UAD family ;-)

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Must Reads! Re: Thank you, Paws in the Park

Post by Petcrazy213 on Mon Aug 24, 2009 11:25 am

I second the THANK YOU! This was a GREAT event, we had so much fun. There were SO MANY dogs jumping this weekend, it was great. And there were some nice big jumps being put up, 23, 24, 25+!!! Just awesome!

Brian, hope your voice is better today. You seemed to be losing you voice there towards the middle of the day Sunday. Thanks also for all that encouragement on the dock with Mr. Vader ... I have NO IDEA what was going through his head Sunday that made him not want to jump at all at the end. I have a feeling he was cold and tired and just didn't want to get back in that water. After a year of jumping we're starting to figure out what the dogs like best and when they work the best, and it seems that these rainy and cool days aren't the best jumping days for our little guys ... they are spoiled and like sunny and warm weather. Ultimate Air Elation LOL Fair-weather jumpers.

Steph, I think you did a WONDERFUL job keeping up with everything along with your helper (sorry, don't know names real well yet). You guys kept everything running smoothly throughout the day.

Again, thank you UAD for another great event!

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Must Reads! Re: Thank you, Paws in the Park

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