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Great Pyr/border collie x needs foster home with pool for rehab

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Dont Miss! Great Pyr/border collie x needs foster home with pool for rehab

Post by LoriL on Thu Jul 30, 2009 12:52 pm

Anyone with a swimming hole/pool who would be willing to foster Sebastian expenses paid by Big Fluffy Dogs . Bless this boy's heart. Please forward!

From: Jean @ Big Fluffy Dog Rescue [mailto:jean@bigfluffydogs.com]

We have taken in an 8 month old border collie/Great Pyrenees mix with a sad history. Sebastian was hit by a car at 4 months old, leaving him with two broken back legs. His owners dithered about whether they should treat him or euthanize him, and when the neighbor offered to pay for his treatment, they agreed to have the dog's broken back legs fixed. However, these same owners failed to provide any follow up care and when pressed by the vet, they turned Sebastian in to the pound. Their failure to provide care has caused him significant pain and one leg must be redone. They never removed the pins, they never provided the post-operative care required and they allowed this poor dog to suffer because they would not do what needed to be done. In the end, they turned this poor boy into the shelter. Now, he is having surgery to repair the old femoral head break and he will need a post-op swimming hole to get stronger. Sebastian is well mannered, gets along well with others and is an amazing dog. Despite the pain he is in, he still offers kisses to all. He does not understand why his family has left him. Sebastian will need a foster home that can provide exercise and in an ideal world, a pool for him to swim in for 30 minutes a day to help strengthen his muscles. He will be up and walking around this week and will be ready to go by Thursday. This boy is on the small side at only 60 pounds. Rescue will pay for all medical costs. We are optimistic that he will make a solid recovery. If interested in fostering, please contact Jean Harrison at jean@bigfluffydogs.com. Sebastian is in the Nashville TN area. Thanks and cross post at will.

Video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfxqq4MvKwg



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