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3 yr old Female Chocolate Lab Mix in Michigan

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Dont Miss! 3 yr old Female Chocolate Lab Mix in Michigan

Post by Indy on Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:31 pm

I know someone who has been trying to re-home his 3 year old female
chocolate lab mix for months and isn't having any luck. I told him I'd
put the word out. I got as much info as I could. The dog is in lower

She is three years old, low energy, likes walks and car rides, she
does not express interest in water or fetching. She likes to sleep and
follow her owner around. She is taller than most labs and weighs about
115 pounds. The Vet thinks she might be mixed with Doberman. She has
a white spot on her chest and little to no undercoat. She does not
shed like a typical lab and has narrower eyes and nose. She is a good
watch dog but is friendly with strangers. She is spayed and completely
up to date on vet care and shots. She may have been poorly socialized
as a pup. She lived with a single man for the first year, then with a
couple and their other lab. Current owners have had her for one year.
She is dominant. She seems to bond well with men but has trouble with
some women. When being petted she sometimes growls and snaps at her
current female owner who is now wary around her. She has exhibited
similar behavior to at least one other woman. She is submissive and
loyal to the male owner and is fine with a female vet and a number of
other women. It is likely that she needs an assertive, experienced
owner. She is very friendly with other dogs. Unknown around
children. She is otherwise well behaved, smart and biddable. She is a
house dog, she knows not to steal food but is highly food motivated,
she does well with treat training.

She is well loved, but because of the wife's medical problems, they
are concerned that if the dog bites her an infection could be very
dangerous. They're being selective about who they give her to. The
owners think she'd be ideal for a single older man or someone who is
very experienced with dogs who wants a low energy companion and watch

If you know someone who may be interested in this dog, please have them email/PM me, I'll put them in touch with the owners.

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