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Post by jtallen on Fri Apr 03, 2009 9:17 am

I have to register a complaint about UD. With the rules as they are no dog that doesn't compete in Catch It has a chance to win UD. I don't think there has been a UD event this year that has had Fetch It. They all have been UA, UV,CI events.
I understand a dog needs to compete in at least three events during the year to win UD, but why do we have to at each event?
Rogan competes in UA and UV and not CI.
Why can't I still get points at that event in UA and UV towards UD as long as I aslo compete in FI (my third event) when it is offered???
As it is I will go to Premiere, jump all six spashes and UV and not get one point towards UD because FI is not offered.
I guess I will have to enter Rogan in CI even though she doesn't catch anything just to be able to get UD points.

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