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Need 2 jacksonville legs and 1 Tally leg to save 4 houlas

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Dont Miss! Need 2 jacksonville legs and 1 Tally leg to save 4 houlas

Post by LoriL on Fri Mar 13, 2009 10:59 am

If you can drive please contact me at lorileonhardt@yahoo.com or you can PM me on this board. Please crosspost!

Saturday & Sunday, March 14-15 Dothan/Sebring, FL Richmond, VA I-95 Transport!

Passengers 1 & 2: Blue Merle Boys (coming from Dothan, AL)

Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog

Age: 10 weeks

Stats: UTD on shots, 8 lbs each and sweet as can be

Passenger 3: Giselle (coming from Sebring, FL)

Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog

Age: 1-2 yr

Stats: UTD on shots, approx 40 lbs, will be spayed by foster mom

Passenger 4: Briscoe (meeting the transport in Jacksonville, FL)

Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog

Age: 6 months

States: UTD on shots, neutered

Sending & Receiving Rescue: C.U.R.S. (Catahoula United Rescue Society) www.catahoulaunited.com Contact: Lori Leonhardt lorileonhardt@yahoo.com

If you can drive a leg (OR TWO!) please contact the transport coordinator/moderator Courtney Groves: courtneysgroves@hotmail.com or by phone at 276 492 6307

Please specify the following:
1. Leg(s) you are willing to drive
2. First/Last Name
3. Description of Vehicle
4. Work/Home/Cell Numbers
5. E-mail address

Leg 1A: Filled Thanks Anna! Puppies only

Dothan AL to Cottondale, FL

40 mins - 30 miles

8:30 am cst to 9:10 am cst

Leg 2A: NEEDED Puppies only

Cottondale, FL Tallahassee, FL

1 hr 10 min, 75 miles

9:20am cst 11:30am Time change to Est

Leg 3A: Filled Thanks Shannon & Keith! Puppies only

Tallahassee, FL Live Oak, FL

1 hr 20 min, 81 miles

11:40am 1:00pm est

Leg 4A: FILLED: Thanks Jay Puppies only

Live Oak, FL Lake City, FL

30 min, 30 miles

1:10pm- 1:40pm est

Leg 5A: NEEDED Puppies only

Lake City FL to Jacksonville, FL

1 hour, 10 mins - 65 miles

1:50 pm to 3:10 pm

------meet up with transport B in Jacksonville--------

Leg 1B: Filled Thanks Ivy!

Sebring, FL Lake Hamilton, FL

49 min, 44 miles

10:10am 11:20am

Leg 2B: Filled - Thanks Jennifer!

Lake Hamilton, FL Orlando, FL

47 min, 42 miles

11:30am 12:20pm

Leg 3B: Filled - Thanks Christopher!

Orlando, FL Palm Coast, FL

1 hr 20 min, 80 miles

12:30pm 1:50pm

Leg 4B: NEEDED Gisselle only

Palm Coast, FL - Jacksonville, FL

1 hr 8 min, 65 miles

2:00pm 3:10pm

Will meet up with 2 blue merle boys & Briscoe in Jacksonville, FL

Leg 6: Filled Thanks Terri!

Jacksonville, FL Darien, GA

1 hr 19 min, 78 miles

3:20pm 4:40pm

Leg 7: Filled Thanks Margie!

Darien, GA Savannah, GA

1 hr 4 min, 61 miles

4:50pm 5:55pm


1. Filled Thanks Rachel!

2. Filled Thanks Rachel!


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