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What a Great Event In Cleveland!!

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Dont Miss! What a Great Event In Cleveland!!

Post by Team Soaring Spots on Sun Nov 23, 2008 10:24 pm

hello everyone

I wanted to say thank you and tell everyone what a wonderful time I had at this event. Lance had a great time with his dead tail and all. I think lance was so happy on Saturday to be at a dock jump that he wagged his tail all day to every person( just so you know that is not normal) any how he was so happy all day it was fun to see him like that. when we first walked in he thought we were doing flyball then his eyes lite up and he pulled me all the way to the pool. Ultimate Air Elation Ultimate Air Elation

Thank you to all the UAD family for making all of us feel welcome. its great to see you give the extra time to the new dogs and how you seem to give alittle special attention to each dog.

I seen some nice jumps from alot of dogs out there especially for there first indoor event. it amazes me how much different it is for the dogs but each time they jump indoors it gets easier.

congratulations to all of the finalist. hope to see you soon...

Bridget & the spotted ones
Team Soaring Spots

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Dont Miss! Re: What a Great Event In Cleveland!!

Post by Petcrazy213 on Mon Nov 24, 2008 1:00 am


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